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TRANSFORM® Professional Kit

TRANSFORM® Professional Kit

This personalized kit is for those customers who know what to choose and what they like.  A complete ensemble that can be custom ordered for each individual customer.

You specify sizing on each piece for that individualized fit.

First, choose a TRANSFORM® See-Thru Bra in your size and favorite color: White or Black.  The bra has a pocket in each cup to hold your breast forms in place.  Sheer outer fabric allows the forms to be seen through the cup.

Choose your TRANSFORM® SUPERPERK® Breast Forms size in Full Triangle, or Tapered Oval.  The TRANSFORM SUPERPERK® line has a special nipple with extra firmness and protrusion, so it will look great in your See-through bra.  Full Triangles are easy to fit and look very realistic through the bra.  Tapered Ovals are great if you often wear strapless dresses or halter tops because they can be turned in different directions.

Choose the color and size for your smoothing TRANSFORM® Gaff: Black, Nude, Red, White, SM, M, L, XL.

The TRANSFORM® Padded Panties include pockets for securing rear and hip pads.  Choose your Padded Panty color and size: Black, Nude, Pink, SM, M, L, XL.

TRANSFORM® Cleavage Tape:  This breathable spun-polyester tape helps shape and hold chest tissue in place under your breast forms for the look of natural cleavage.  The tape pieces are worn in pairs, and come 3 pairs per bag.

The Professional kit also includes 24 pieces of TRANSFORM® Double-Sided Tape to help keep your silicone forms in place under your other bras that do not have pockets.

The kit comesi n a cloth carrying bag for convenience and storage.

This Professional Kit includes:

  • 2 TRANSFORM® SUPERPERK™ Breast Forms
  • 1 TRANSFORM® Gaff (any color)
  • 1 TRANSFORM® See-Thru Bra (black or white)
  • 24 pices of TRANSFORM® Double-Sided Tape
  • 1 pair of TRANSFORM® Padded Panties (any color)
  • 1 bag of TRANSFORM® Cleavage Tape

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