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TRANSFORM® Lace Control Panty Gaff
A pretty lace support panty with a built in gaff. Matches the new TRANSFORM® Black Lace Enhancer Bra..
This garment helps flatten the body where needed. Made with comfortable soft polyester fabric, the g..
TRANSFORM® Padded Panty
Enhance your feminine appearance with these shapely form-fitting panties. They are made of stretch n..
TRANSFORM® High Waist Panty
Supportive control panty with wide elastic and a stretch nylon control panel across the waist helps ..
Waist Cincher
Comfortable adjustable waist cincher targets midsection to smooth and trim the body. Makes clinging ..
Full Body Shaper
Comfortable adjustable body shaper targets midsection to smooth and trim the body. This full Body Sh..

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