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TRANSFORM® Double-Sided Tape

TRANSFORM® Double-Sided Tape
TRANSFORM® Double-Sided Tape

This medical grade tape is flexible, breathable and comfortable to wear.  It adheres well to breast forms and enhancers to help hold them securely in place. Double-sided tape strips are easy to use and won't damage forms or enhancers.  Also safe on the skin.  The tape comes in curved strips that fit breast forms and standard enhancers or in large oval sheets for the TRANSFORM® Queen Size Enhancers.  Tape leaves no residue.  Strips are available in 24 pieces per bag.  Queen size tape ovals comes in 6 pair (12 pieces) per bag.

Shape:        Curved Strips, Large Ovals
Colors:        Clear
  • Medical grade double-sided tape
  • Safe for skin
  • Won't damage polyurethane skin of breast forms
  • Won't leave residue on skin or forms
  • Helps hold breast forms in place
  • Curved Strips: 24 pieces per bag
  • Large Ovals: 12 pieces per bag

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