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TRANSFORM® Binding Tape For Women

TRANSFORM® Binding Tape For Women

Same breathable, spun-polyester tape as the TRANSFORM® Cleavage Tape, but in a different shape that is better suited for flattening breasts for a smooth appearance under clothes. TRANSFORM® Binding Tape comes in one wide sheet. The spun polyester is soft, comfortable and made with medical grade adhesive that is sweat-proof and shower-proof. Each piece adheres to the chest adheres to itself to stay in place. Not washable or reusable, disposable. Comes in a beige flesh tone to blend with skin. one size only.

Colors:        Beige only
Sizes:        1 size fits all
  • Medical grade adhesive stays in place
  • Breathable, non-woven spun-polyester
  • Disposable, not washable
  • Flattens chest area
  • Wide sheets for best coverage
  • 1 sheet per bag

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