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TF98 TRANSFORM PREMIER® Triangle Breast Forms

TF98 TRANSFORM PREMIER® Triangle Breast Forms

These newly designed triangle forms are fuller and wider to give more projection and added fullness and cleavage to any bra. Forms are highly resilient and have the newly designed internal textured nipple that blends smoothly across the form to look and feel just like real nipples. The new polyurethane membrane is very supple with more matte appearance to offer a more natural look and softer "bouncier" feel.


Sizes: 3-10 (See fitting chart for corresponding bra sizes)s)
Colors: Beige
Gel: SUPERSOFT® gel matches natural tissue, extra soft resilient outer membrane
Nipple: Internal, natural looking textured nipple
  • Full wider shape gives more projection and depth
  • Symmetrical to fit either side of the body
  • Textured life-like nipple is contoured for natural look and feel
  • Easy to fit
  • Worn with narrowed curve at the top
  • Sold in pairs only
  • Made in USA with US materials

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