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TF501 TRANSFORM® Standard Queen Size Full Triangle Breast Forms

TF501 TRANSFORM® Standard Queen Size Full Triangle Breast Forms

Large, full triangle-style form in standard weight silicone gel. Form is smooth on the front to apply any size or color attachable nipple. This form comes in one size only and fits large cupped bras sizes 41H, 44G, 46F, 48EE, 50DD, 50DDD, 50E (depending on bra style) Sold in pairs.



This is a specialty size. One form-size only. The Queen Size form fits the bra sizes
listed above.

Colors: Beige (Soft Sable special order)
Gel: Standard weight gel matches natural tissue
Nipple: No nipple
  • Symmetrical to fit either side of the body
  • Best for balancing out a large frame, with large shoulders or waist
  • Best in full-coverage bras
  • Best if worn with the smallest curve at the top, not meant to be turned in different directions.
  • Looks great with the Queen Size Attachable Nipples
  • Sold in pairs only

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